Getting your Bucket List from WISH IT to DID IT isn’t always as big a leap as one would think.

Hope springs eternal as the calendar year changes with the New Year. With each and every new year comes personal resolutions; inspired plans for incremental or even seismic change. The one thing that all resolutions have in common are that they are moves to IMPROVE; nobody is making a resolution to be “less happy” or “more stressed out” when the calendar flips from December to January.

Like us mortal humans, companies also have an opportunity to embrace change at the new year – resolutions to make improvements in performance, culture, and image within an organization. 

A common denominator across these 3 key areas in organizational improvement is the impact of how a building or facility is maintained. We like to refer this is your FACILITY BUCKET LIST:

PERFORMANCE: Every company measures performance in one form or another. One driver to individual, departmental, or company-wide performance is productivity. Studies show that there is a direct relationship between productivity and the cleanliness of the workspace. From employee morale to reducing absenteeism, a company that promotes health and wellness through a professionally executed commercial cleaning solution can experience results that have a tangible impact on the overall performance of the organization, and that is certainly an achievable bucket list item for anyone that manages a facility or leads a company. How would increased productivity impact you in your business?

CULTURE: Company culture can show up in many forms; mission statements and core values, the tone set by leadership that is shared by all, and employee engagement where every employee rows in one common direction with buy-in and loyalty to the values and the big audacious goals for the organization. In an article by Smart Business Daily, “Cleanliness contributes significantly towards shaping these values. It’s a tangible manifestation of the company’s regard for employee well-being and professionalism.” – Ask yourself this question: what message does the current condition of my office say to the people that work here each day?

IMAGE: You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. In our fast-paced world driven by opinions (fair or not), reviews, and visual media (photos, video, etc.), it has never been more important to think of your facility as an extension of your brand. According to Zippia, an online career recruiter based in San Francisco, there is a real link between a clean facility and company image.  “It instills confidence and creates trust from the very beginning and leaves the clients with the impression of efficiency and strong attention to detail.Do you think your facility is promoting an image that aligns with your company’s mission?

The ubiquitous NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION every January…will 2024 be the year you commit to making a small leap for big improvement?  

Share your concerns with our team of facility EXPERTS and talk to a team member at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota and Wisconsin today to learn how you can take your FACILITY BUCKET LIST from WISH IT to DID IT in the new year! 

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