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Commercial carpet cleaning SERVICES

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota offers commercial carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and other deep cleaning services in addition to weekly commercial cleaning.

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

Commercial carpet cleaning needs are as varied as the types of businesses we serve.  While many carpet cleaning companies provide standard services, few understand best practices and options like we do.

Together with our franchisees, Vanguard offers several strategies for effective results.  

  • Fast and thorough. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning and extraction units offer the hottest water temperatures to agitate carpet fibers and the strongest suction, reducing drying time. Truck-mounted units also allow for the quickest clean because no setup or tear down is required.
  • Quick drying. Low moisture encapsulation is perfect for facilities with 24-hour access requirements. Benefits include shorter drying times, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification points, minimal residue and total soil removal.
  • Hard to reach spaces. Self-contained carpet cleaning and extracting is for facilities with layout or security concerns that prevent the use of truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines. A portable carpet cleaning machine is a perfect fit, offering effective cleaning in a self-contained unit that can reach areas not accessible to truck-mounted units. 


  • Removes stains, dirt and allergens
  • Prolongs the life of your carpet
  • Protects your warranty
  • Improves indoor air quality, reducing employee allergies and illness
  • Enhances your building’s appearance and company’s image


Commercial carpet cleaning cost is based on the specifics of your project.  

  1. When you request a quote, Vanguard will contact you to arrange a site visit. 
  2. During the visit, a Vanguard Cleaning expert will listen carefully before suggesting options that meet your needs and budget.
  3. After the visit, Vanguard will provide you with a written quote. You can accept the proposal or request adjustments if needed.
  4. Once you sign an agreement, your Vanguard account manager will select a franchisee cleaning crew that meets your needs and expectations.

Let’s get started on your carpet cleaning project today!