Commercial Cleaning RFPs for Facility Managers

4 Easy Steps to Get Better RFP Results (this time)

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Are you tired of getting lackluster service from your commercial cleaning company?

  • Lack of communication
  • Never follows through on ‘special requests’
  • Misses items on the scope of work
  • Forgets to lock doors
  • Doesn’t bother to turn off the lights

Why is onboarding an outsourced commercial cleaning company so hard?

If you don’t manage your RFP process the right way, you’ll end up (yet again!) with a cleaning vendor that doesn’t communicate, misses items on the scope of work, forgets to lock doors, and doesn’t bother to turn off the lights.

You deserve better. Use our guide to find a great commercial cleaning partner.

Let’s face it: When you have to manage your commercial cleaning company, your business suffers. 


You lose precious time


You can’t focus on business priorities 


You’re constantly frustrated 


Your reputation suffers 


You don’t get the quality of service you deserve 

But with Vanguard Cleaning Systems, you’ll have a top-quality cleaning service you’ll love and a true partner committed to your success. 

You’ll see the difference immediately.


Imagine your morning free of complaints 


Have confidence in your investment 


Look like a hero to your boss and coworkers 


Customize your service to your facility 


Supercharge your productivity 


Take back the time you need to focus on customers 


Enjoy the peace of mind you’ve been missing 

Our Commitment

At VCS-MN, we know you want to focus on your customers and your business. That’s why you need an experienced cleaning team that delivers amazing service and doesn’t take up your valuable time. The problem is, too many commercial cleaners deliver inconsistent, poor results. And poor results lead to complaints – and complaints lead to a waste of your time. If you’re unsure what level of service you’ll get from day to day, and lose too much time managing the process, that’s an unfair situation. You deserve more for your investment.

Vanguard’s cleaning franchisees provide commercial cleaning you don’t have to manage, because we understand you have better things to do. That’s why we empower every individual at every level of our operation to do what is right – even when it’s difficult. 


Ready for results that drive business forward?

Here’s what to do:

Schedule a discovery call 

We’ll deliver a custom proposal that meets your specific needs 

Get back to focusing on your business 

It’s time to stop the frustrating cycle of inconsistency and poor results. Schedule a discovery call today and we’ll prove there is a better way.

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