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Janitorial Services for Cities and Municipalities

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota and our franchisee owners, provide cleaning services for multiple cities and municipalities in the Minneapolis-St Paul metropolitan area. 

Cities and Municipalities Departments

Together with our franchisees, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota offers a wide range of contract cleaning services that are specific to cities and municipalities.

Unique Departments and Facilities

  • Public Safety
  • Public Works/Engineering
  • Municipal Transportation Terminals and bus stops
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities (warming houses, restrooms, shelters)
  • Fire and Rescue 
  • Administrative Facilities
  • City Council Chambers

cost savings 

Contract cleaning specific to cities and municipalities

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, together with its franchisees, understands the importance of image to cities and municipalities. At the same time,  cost effective, flexible, 24 hour a day cleaning solutions are required.

In addition, background checks, bonds, and insurance as well as flexible terms and conditions are needed to meet each city or municipalities specific policies and regulations. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota franchisees also understand that they must work around police and fire/rescue situations not found in office facilities.

Finally, many cities and municipalities have multiple locations spread out throughout a city or county. Each location serves a different purpose requiring a different scope of cleaning along with it’s own unique schedule. 

 Our Approach

Vanguard provides a customized scope to each city or municipality. We consider all the specific requirements, events (scheduled and unscheduled), policies, regulations, building types and unique situations each city or municipality may have. 

After walking through your facility, we will customize a cleaning schedule and scope that fits your team’s unique needs, preferences and budget.

Once you accept our quote, our new customer on-boarding process is designed to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Let’s get started on your contract cleaning services today!