Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of MN and WI is a franchised commercial cleaning and janitorial services company.

Together with our franchisees, we’ve served businesses in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Rochester metro areas since 2005 and in SE WI and Madison since 2011.

Our flexible franchised cleaning crews are the ideal solution for your company’s basic commercial contract cleaning and deep cleaning needs, whether a single building, campus or multi-location business.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of MN and WI provides dependable, customized commercial cleaning and janitorial services in every facility we serve through our bottom-up franchise model.

Commercial Cleaning that you don’t have to manage because you have better things to do

Commercial Cleaning Services in MN and WI

Contract Cleaning

Franchised contract cleaning services may seem typical, but our approach isn’t. Janitorial services are one of your largest expenses. There’s a better way to compare value between bids.

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Day Porter

Day porters have a direct impact on your building’s image. Strong communication with your cleaning company and a polished, professional image result in higher satisfaction with your day porter service.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Many companies ignore hard floor care for years, believing it saves money. And it does – but only in the short run. Over time, poor image, long-term damage and a higher risk of injury all lead to staggering costs.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning and upholstery care are essential components of building maintenance, prolonging life, removing spots and improving your building’s overall appearance.

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Restroom Cleaning

Half of U.S. adults believe unclean restrooms reflect how the company is run or how it treats its clients. Our restoration services keep your restrooms smelling and looking clean by sanitizing them from top to bottom.

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Enhanced Disinfecting Cleaning

Prevent the spread of viruses and germs and keep your facility safe. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota’s Enhanced Disinfection Program combines infection control strategies through integrated CDC recommended procedures, EPA-Approved disinfectants, and OSHA bio-hazard disposal processes.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning requires attention to detail, schedule coordination, and flexibility. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota franchisees offer all this and more. We’ll survey your site and prepare the building for moving in.

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High Dusting Services

Periodic dusting improves your facility’s appearance and air quality. Combine our high dusting services with other deep cleaning options for a fresh start anytime. With our commercial high dusting services, you’ll never miss all those hard-to-reach places.

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Pressure Washing

Periodic pressure washing protects your property investment and improves the appearance of your facility. Add for a fresh start after a long, harsh winter.

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Window Washing

Your company might not need daily window washing, or even weekly. But washing all the windows in spring and fall will let the sunshine in and keep your building looking its best all year round.

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Deep Cleaning Services

These are one-time services to prepare for a big event or when your facility just needs a little extra TLC. These customized projects can be used in conjunction with restroom cleaning and sanitizing or other specialized cleaning services.

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Commercial Matting Solutions

Aside from adding to the look and curbside appeal of your building, entrance mats serve several purposes and may be all but required for Minnesota companies when winter snowfall arrives.

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Our Commitment

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of MN and WI, we know you want to focus on your customers and your business. That’s why you need an experienced cleaning team that delivers amazing service and doesn’t take up your valuable time. The problem is, too many commercial cleaners deliver inconsistent, poor results. And poor results lead to complaints – and complaints lead to a waste of your time. If you’re unsure what level of service you’ll get from day to day, and lose too much time managing the process, that’s an unfair situation. You deserve more for your investment.

Vanguard’s cleaning franchisees provide commercial cleaning you don’t have to manage, because we understand you have better things to do. That’s why we empower every individual at every level of our operation to do what is right – even when it’s difficult. 


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Our Customers Know the Long Term Quality Vanguard Delivers

Our organization contracted with Vanguard for electrostatic cleaning at 5 of our locations. Stacey responded to my calls immediately, quoted us a fair price, and they were able to schedule and complete the cleaning quickly. We are happy with their services and will use them again!
Mary Thirsten
Mary Thirsten
We have been using Vanguard for commercial cleaning for 7 months now, not only did they give us an exceptional cleaning crew, but also provides us Covid disinfectant services, I am confident a combination of the 2 has contributed to keeping our employees safe. Vanguard responds to our inquiries within minutes (literally) and everyone is incredibly personable and professional. HIGHLY recommend for commercial cleaning and disinfecting services.
Mary Bradford
Mary Bradford
I have worked for Vanguard for over 2 years and they are the best in the Twin Cities.
Barry Smith
Barry Smith
Been with vanguard for 4 year great service
Harry Kimal
Harry Kimal
I've been working with Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota in the Rochester area for 2 years now. They're very responsive and I'm happy to be working with them.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez
I have worked with Vanguard for some years, very Happy to work with them. Their staff is very friendly and helpful. They have helped me to grow my business. Very good franchise
Evelin Rodriguez
Evelin Rodriguez
We have worked with Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota for over 13 years. We appreciate their high level of communication, and 24/7 support.
Tham Pham
Tham Pham
I love working for this guys They are very friendly and always willing to help very professional and easy to work with ! Paul K Paul R and Michael are the best !
Squeaky cleaners & painter Miranda
Squeaky cleaners & painter Miranda


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