Although used interchangeably, ‘commercial cleaning’ and ‘janitorial cleaning’ actually mean two completely different things.

If you’re the manager of a facility looking to bring on a professional cleaner to help keep your building in excellent shape, you might be at a crossroads about who to hire — and why. Here are three reasons a commercial cleaner is your best bet for a clean and healthy facility. 

  • Routine cleaning & specialized cleaning, all under one roof

How many times have you ever been to a speciality store in search of a single item, only to realize you needed a few other additional things, too? Maybe you looked around for a few minutes to see if you could locate what you needed, only to pay for your one speciality purchase and then head to a larger, more established store where you quickly found everything else you needed.

Commercial cleaners specialize in performing a variety of services under one umbrella, making your search for expert service quick, easy, and stress-free. 

Instead of shopping around to see which cleaner can manage the jobs of carpet cleaning, window washing, high touch-point disinfecting and basic janitorial care, commercial cleaners can offer competitive options that embody all of your common (and less-common needs), without you needing to hire out to multiple vendors. 

  • Consistency of service vs. convenience of service

While some smaller janitorial companies (aka – the “mom & pops”) do a great job of staying consistent with their service offerings, there are seldom any guarantees that the team assigned to clean your building is expertly fitted for your facility in particular. 

With Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we prioritize fitting your facility with a team of professionally trained cleaners who understand exactly how to service your unique facility. 

 Managing a medical facility? We can match you with a team of experts in high-touch point disinfection. Overseeing a school or daycare? We help you identify areas of need, and place you with cleaners who have extensive experience treating facilities just like yours. 

  • You get what you pay for

The prospect of a down-home, locally-loved cleaning service run by community entrepreneurs can seem like a reasonable choice, especially if you’re operating on a tight budget and with limited resources. But the truth is, most mom-and-pop cleaners just aren’t suited to tackle the variety of tasks necessary to keep your facility operating.

One of the biggest differences between small cleaning operations and established commercial cleaners is the ability to add value to a property, not just clean it. Over time, your facility will need an increasingly consistent amount of care in order to prevent erosion, corrosion, buildup, and a host of other time-related signs of wear and tear. 

Smaller cleaning operations are typically able to deliver great cleaning services that maintain the status quo, but over time these baseline cleanings neglect preventative maintenance measures that can result in expensive, disruptive repairs. 

With Vanguard, you can expect fully customized cleaning solutions at your price point, all without sacrificing quality or getting locked into a minimum term contract. 


Why choose Vanguard Cleaning Systems?

It’s simple: we believe the best relationships are built on the ability to deliver professional-grade services, all while maintaining that small-business feel. That means no fixed term contracts, no hidden fees, and no need to outsource for speciality services that keep your facility looking great for years to come. 


At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we strive to combine the best of both worlds: clear communication and meaningful customer relationships with excellent service. 


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