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Because we believe that every facility deserves a customized cleaning solution designed to meet the specific needs of your facility.  

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Every person at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota—whether an owner, franchisee or employee—strives to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. After all, you have more important things to do than worry about the cleanliness of your building – that’s our job.

Through our commitment to a set of core values in everything we do—from coaching and mentoring our franchisees as they perform the cleaning services our customer have come to expect  to volunteering in our community—we’ve empowered a team of efficient, professional and dedicated individuals who are passionate about helping make your job easy.

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Commercial Cleaning that you don’t have to manage because you have better things to do.

No two businesses are alike—so why should their cleaning services be exactly the same? Vanguard Cleaning System employees and franchisees provide solutions that will fit your schedule, your facility, your budget, and the ever-changing needs of your organization. We’ll listen to your needs, customize the scope of work, and adjust the cleaning requirements over time so you get exactly what you want long-term.

We work hard to promote a professional relationship between our team members, franchisees, and clients—from start to finish. But the key to solid communication and understanding is a direct relationship between franchisees and the client. It works! Issues get addressed quickly without the middleman.

At its core, our brand is built on service. From serving our franchisees—so they can grow their businesses and become more independent—to volunteering in our communities and financially supporting franchisees’ service projects, we take an others-centered approach that goes far beyond providing excellent cleaning services. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota is deeply committed—at all levels—to helping people thrive.

Our Core Values

Each individual involved in Vanguard Cleaning Systems® of Minnesota whether owner, franchisee or employee, understands the importance of applying our four core VALUES to every activity taking place in the company name. Our motto is: “Every Customer. Every Day. Every Time.”





Our Core Purpose

To improve franchisees’ lives by providing remarkable facilities solutions

Our Team

Cindy Banchy
Cindy Banchy


Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Cindy learned the value of hard work & entrepreneurship. After 16 years at IBM, Cindy became Minnesota’s first Vanguard Cleaning Systems Master Franchiser. Her business model encourages and empowers employees and franchisees to achieve their highest potential for success.

Her value of hard work extends beyond the office, she is also an avid runner and experienced triathlete. And not just any triathlete, Cindy has completed two Ironman triathlons and over a dozen half Ironmans! When she’s not competing, Cindy is working on her new passion – long distance hiking around the world. She has added New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and even a summit on Kilimanjaro to her list.

Cindy is proud of the team she’s built and the franchisees she’s helped succeed. They are all a reflection of her values and dedication to service.

Michael Hamerlind
Michael Hamerlind

Regional Director (2009)

10ichael has spent approximately 95% of his life in Minnesota. A proud Minnesota Twins season ticket holder since 2004, he embraces just about everything MN; The State Fair, Split Rock Lighthouse, Spam, and of course, Target! But that 5% of time out of MN was spent in Vietnam where he was born and lived before he was adopted in 1975.

When Michael isn’t busy talking about commercial cleaning, he runs a successful photography business (weddings, headshots, families, corporate work) and is currently working on a project to photograph every bridge crossing (there are 196 of them!) the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca to New Orleans (visit www.GreatRiverXings.com to follow the journey!)


  • Recognized as a top performing sales executive nationally 10 out of the past 12 years, with top honors 6 of those 9 years.
  • Expertise in consultative education. Knowledge is power and Michael is always willing to teach clients, prospects, and anyone that is willing on how to best solve whatever facilities concern(s) they may have.
  • Vision to strategically help franchisees grow their business for long term success. 
Randy Samaraka
Randy Samaraka

Account Executive (2021)

As a fully engaged Account Relationship Manager, Randy is a master multi-tasker. Harnessing this skill has allowed him to manage every minute of time, making him twice as effective and twice as productive.

Randy loves to travel, play new golf courses, participate in (and attend) sporting events and spend time with his family and friends.


  • 20+ years in client facing roles, nurturing lasting relationships by building trust, listening to concerns, and developing solutions that meet the clients’ needs.
  • Internal organizational relationship building strategies to galvanize diverse teams around the company mission, vision and values, creating win-win solutions in a service driven organization.
  • A process driven professional that can look at the big picture and fine tune or rebuild the functions that make or break a project. 
Trisha Groth
Trisha Groth

Business Development (2021)

Trisha lives in Saint Paul and enjoys cycling year-round, as well as cooking, gardening, swimming and hiking.

Her sights are usually set on an endurance gravel race or randonneur event that tests her limits. She also appreciates rest periods and the simple things in life, like bird-watching and good sour ales or lagers.


  • 4+ years of consultative sales and business development
  • Storytelling marketing strategies that center our customers
  • Earning key relationships through service and value
Paul Kuhn
Paul Kuhn

Brand Services Manager (2016)

Minnesotans have access to great breweries, and Paul loves visiting them, especially Surly Brewery. With a large variety of brews to please almost any palate, plus good food and a vast indoor and outdoor space, it’s simply a cool place to hang out.


  • 12+ years sales experience and 17+ years customer service experience
  • Excels at identifying special services opportunities that will bring value to the client
  • Engages franchisees to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, always with the goal of upholding the Vanguard mission – Every customer, every day, every time!
Paul Rauch
Paul Rauch

Brand Services Manager (2018)

Paul has learned to adapt to Minnesota’s diverse weather. He enjoys skiing and ice fishing in the winter and swimming, golfing and camping in the summer.


  • 5+ years as Director of Special Services and 6+ years as a cleaning company owner.
  • Expertise in all facets of commercial cleaning; specializing in medical, surgical and terminal cleaning, clean room procedures, and special services.
  • Advanced training skills to assist Franchisees in building their business with best practices for cleaning, asset and project management, cost modeling, and communication.
Ashley Hamerlind
Ashley Hamerlind

Accounting (2018)

Ashley moved back to Minnesota after spending her college years in Iowa to be closer to family. She loves animals, and hopes to one day be a Crazy Cat Lady.

Her favorite hobbies are cooking, reading books, and playing video games. But, she’ll be the first to take you up on the invitation to check out one of the many museums, galleries, and other interesting attractions the Twin Cities provides; just as long as one of those attractions does not involve clowns.


  • 7 years of customer support and service experience
  • Certified SalesForce administrator
  • Strong knowledge of customer supplies and consumables offerings
  • Supports the customer and franchise base with accounting, product procurement, invoicing, and brand services coordination

Trusted by Leading Companies and Organizations

Our Commitment

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we know you want to focus on your customers and your business. That’s why you need an experienced cleaning team that delivers amazing service and doesn’t take up your valuable time. The problem is, too many commercial cleaners deliver inconsistent, poor results. And poor results lead to complaints – and complaints lead to a waste of your time. If you’re unsure what level of service you’ll get from day to day, and lose too much time managing the process, that’s an unfair situation. You deserve more for your investment.

Vanguard’s cleaning franchisees provide commercial cleaning you don’t have to manage, because we understand you have better things to do. That’s why we empower every individual at every level of our operation to do what is right – even when it’s difficult. 


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