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Hand sanitizers are meant to kill COVID-19, not you

At the beginning of the pandemic, to get more hand sanitizer on the market as quickly as possible, the FDA lifted many of its restrictions on selling hand sanitizer to make sure hand sanitizers were available. Ultimately, that added 1,500 more manufactures to the market. This FDA action unintentionally cleared the way for potentially unsafe hand sanitizers.

Sanitizer vs. Disinfectant: Which Will Combat COVID-19?

We’ve all got to “up our game” when facing COVID-19 aka Corona virus.  Remember when the verb “to clean” was sufficient? When things were dirty, you just hired a cleaning service, and they cleaned it. So simple. Today, as we fight a very contagious and persistent...

Reducing Germs in the Workplace

Like it or not, cold and flu season is upon us again. That means that, this season, employers face $225.8 billion dollars in lost productivity due to cold and flu-related absenteeism, or $1,685 per employee. The thought alone is enough to make many employers ill. So...

Office Cleaning Tips for Pest Control

Three steps to pest control: seal points of entry, control humidity levels and ensure consistent office cleaning practices.