To outsource your event cleaning or not to outsource your event cleaning…that is the question! As the holidays approach, events are crowding the calendar.  You feel the constraints in time, space and personnel, making it more challenging to set up, maintain, break down, and clean up afterwards. High expectations for a perfect event raise the stakes and the pressure even more.

Why Outsource YOUR Event Cleaning

Hosting an event is stressful enough: Why not leave some of the dirty work to us? Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your event cleaning:
  • Helps avoid last minute complications caused by crew or volunteer absences.
  • An efficient, experienced crew minimizes disruption to your daily operations.
  • Frees you to tend to other things on your big day.
  • Takes one big detail off your plate so you can enjoy yourself.
Vanguard offers set up and tear down services for special events Even under perfect conditions, it can be challenging to clean a facility, especially one that you are not familiar with. An event facility which hosts a variety of events can present even greater challenges, with a variety of storage spaces, cleaning equipment and staff involved.  All the responsibilities of hosting peak during the critical time to pre-clean and set up the event. When it’s finally time to clean up afterwards, hosts are either flying high on a successful event, exhausted and ready to take a break, or both.  Here are some things to think about when evaluating whether you’d like to outsource your event cleaning activities.

Pre-Event Cleaning Considerations

Walk through the event space, ideally when it is empty and without distractions. Examine it with a highly critical eye. Are there cleaning projects which should be completed before set-up? Projects like these?
Reflect on your standards for this specific event, and communicate them to all stakeholders. Is it realistic to undertake this in-house?

Cleaning During the Event

Think about all aspects of your event: Dining, drinking, entertainment, other activities. Will they generate trash and recycling? Are there health and safety concerns about keeping a clean space? Will restrooms need ongoing maintenance during the event? Consider who will be responsible for these activities, including supervisors and team members. Think about what tools they require to communicate, such as radios or cell phones. Unexpected situations are bound to arise. Who will be in charge of making decisions on the spot? Make sure you can access a representative of the space in case of urgent needs such as blown fuses and refills of paper products or soap.

Post-Event Cleaning Considerations

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the venue’s expectations for post-event cleaning. Communicate with them about every detail, such as hauling trash and recycling, staging rental equipment, cleaning floors and surfaces, cleaning restrooms. Make sure you know how to locate and operate any cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners or floor cleaners, or hauling equipment such as hand trucks. Confirm the time you must depart the space.

Professional Event Set Up and Tear Down Services

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we offer event set up and tear down services for all your special event needs. Don’t leave important set up and clean up tasks to chance. We provide professional, efficient set up and clean up for large and small events of all kinds, in all types of venues such as: Event planning is a long process with multiple critical steps. When your special day finally arrives, you may prefer to have all hands on deck to manage the details of those last few hours before your guests arrive and after they leave, and to enjoy a breath of relief and a pat on the back when it’s all over.
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