Choosing the right kind of commercial carpeting for your facility is an important task that involves a variety of key factors.   

While proper flooring is a necessary part of creating a safe, welcoming facility environment, not all commercial carpets are created equal. Here are three things to consider when purchasing commercial carpet for your business.  


1. Climate  

The first step in your carpet selection process is considering the climate in which your carpet will be used. While most commercial carpet is built to withstand above and below-average temperatures, understanding the placement of the flooring will help you make the best choice in terms of longevity and ongoing maintenance.   

If your business is located in a colder climate where snow, sleet, and salt are frequently tracked into your facility, a more durable, firm carpet will hold up under the impact of heavy foot traffic and corrosive elements. A softer carpet is more appropriate for a centrally located area, where temperature is more likely to be regulated.  

Operating a fitness facility? Anti-microbial carpeting guards against mildew, fungi, and bacteria while preventing the absorption of sweat and water.   


2. Location  

Are you planning to install your carpet in a ballroom? What about a hotel hallway, or a coffee shop? Each of these separate locations would require a unique set of specifications to best support the longevity of the carpet being installed.   

Prolong the life of your flooring investment by selecting a commercial carpet specifically built to withstand factors like spills, food stains, area transportation, and heavy foot traffic. A coffee shop would want to pick a stain-resistant carpet to eliminate the headache of constantly cleaning up spilled espresso and dropped morsels. A hotel or ballroom might opt for a patterned, shorthair carpet that was built to withstand constant foot traffic, in addition to supporting the flow of rolling housekeeping carts and other wheeled objects.   

Keep in mind that choosing the correct carpet based on location is more than purely making a selection based on aesthetic: the wrong carpet can mold, break down, or deteriorate if not appropriate for the setting.  


3. Maintenance  

Taking care of your commercial carpet investment can seem like a lot of work – but it doesn’t have to be.   

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota specializes in helping facility managers prolong the life of their carpet through utilizing the correct chemicals, pre-treaters, and spotters to keep flooring looking like new.   

And, unlike standard carpet cleaning equipment, Vanguard Cleaning Systems employs professional truck-mounted extractors to restore carpeting using gentle heat, clean water, and correct PSI (pressure per square inch).  


In the long run, you’ll spend substantially more money if you don’t take care of your carpet on an ongoing basis. From day-to-day care like carpet spotting and removing stains on sight to steam deep cleaning, you’ll add years to your flooring by making maintenance a priority.  

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota has over 25 years of industry experience with commercial carpet maintenance.     

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