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Commercial Window Cleaning Tricks and Tips

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance Tips, Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

 Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get windows clean and streak-free?   Like any other skill, commercial window washing takes practice and professional-level tools. There are many commercial window cleaning tips and tricks. Thus, business owners and property managers have a choice: hiring a professional window washing company or learning how to do a professional level job themselves. 

This article will answer many common questions about hiring a commercial window cleaning company and provide tips and tricks for washing the windows yourself.

Of course, we aren’t talking about cleaning high-rise building windows here. That requires hydraulic lift buckets and ropes to rappel down the side of a building. Far more business windows are cleaned by professionals whose feet never leave the ground or at least not higher than an 8-foot ladder.

How much does it cost to clean commercial windows?

Cost to clean commercial windows in a one or two-story building is $2-4 per pane of glass for outside. Add another $2-$4 per pane if you also want the inside glass cleaned.

How often should commercial windows be cleaned?

Washing entryway windows inside and out should be part of your daily or weekly contract cleaning. Clean entrance windows help project a professional business image.

How often to clean the rest of your building’s windows is a balance between personal preference, the climate you live in, and whether the windows are highly visible to your customers. Commercial windows should be professionally washed at least once a year. In regions with long winters, many property managers choose to wash windows in the spring and fall. In warmer climates, windows can be cleaned quarterly or monthly, particularly in retail businesses.

Speaking of climates and seasons leads us to another frequent question:

Can you wash windows in the winter?

You should not wash windows in below-freezing temperatures. Applying warm or hot water to cold windows can cause the glass to crack. Applying cold water or chemicals can leave streaking. Also, climbing on ladders or roof tops can also be a serious safety issue. 

Can building windows be washed in winter with windshield washer fluid?

No. Remember, the car’s engine warms the windows, making them and likely to crack.

Benefits of clean business windows

  • Improve the building’s appearance inside and out.
  • Allow the sun to help warm the building in cold months
  • Boost employee mood and morale, especially those affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder caused by a shortage of exposure to natural light.

How do you remove hard water spots from windows?

An acid-based cleaner can be used to remove stubborn white water spots from windows but preventing the spots is even simpler. Poorly positioned landscape sprinkler systems can cause calcium buildup and unsightly white water spots on windows and signs.

Can windows be pressure washed?

Pressure washing is not the best way to wash windows. High pressure can damage the rubber window gasket seal.

What is the best thing to use to clean windows?

We have a secret solution formula for washing commercial windows. Many professional window washers today use the same solution recommended for household windows: a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid and deionized (distilled) water. Using distilled water will eliminate the water spots caused by the calcium in tap water. Mix in some ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to help the windows dry faster, especially on humid days.

Using a professional squeegee, such as Etorre or Unger, is a key to producing clean windows with no streaks. Wiping the blade with a natural sponge after each stroke will extend its life. Be sure to replace the squeegee blade when it’s no longer cleaning well, just like your car’s window washer blades.

How to clean commercial windows:

  1.  Dust to remove cobwebs and loose dirt.
  2. Wet the windows with a spray bottle or water-fed pole system.
  3. Squeegee the window with long overlapping strokes, paying particular attention to edges and corners.
  4. Use a natural sponge to wipe the blade after each stroke.
  5. Chamois the edges and corners to remove the water caught under the rubber gaskets. If you skip this step, you might notice streaks once the water escapes from under the rubber and dries around the edges of the pane.

With practice, you or your employees might become pretty good at washing windows. However, you will probably find the cost of hiring a commercial window cleaning company is still less than doing it yourself. And you’ll appreciate the value of the work every time you look out your beautiful clean windows.

If you’d like to know more, request a consultation and Vanguard can get your windows clean again. 


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