Whether you are setting up your own internal cleaning protocol, or interviewing professional cleaning services to maintain your commercial property, it pays to have a thorough and exhaustive list of everything that needs janitorial attention.

As cleaning professionals, Vanguard Cleaning Systems know which specific areas of your facility are chronically overlooked.

Here’s a list of those specific surfaces that are so easy to neglect, yet suddenly become strikingly noticeable at exactly the wrong time such as when  potential customers or visitors are there. Avoid the embarrassment of having guests suddenly notice that your cleaners have missed a spot – or three. Seize that important first impression by making sure everything has been cleaned to scope, in both obvious and under-the-radar places. 

Cleaning Touch Screens 

We’re relying on touch screens more than ever in this brave new world. Have you ever approached one in a hotel, airport or office, only to notice that the previous customer apparently just finished a very messy lunch? For both hygiene and aesthetics, regularly wipe touch screens with an appropriate cleaner. 

Computer Wiring

Those nests of wires behind shelves and under desks harbor dust nests. Damp wipe the wires, lift it, and vacuum below. While this only needs to occur quarterly or semi-annually, skipping it can lead to a lot of dust build up. 

Couch Crevices

It’s easy to notice when the side of the couch on display needs cleaning, but it’s also important to pull the cushions regularly and vacuum. They easily accumulate dirt, dust, pennies and candy wrappers. If a customer loses something and needs to reach into the couch or chair to claim it, they should only find what they are looking for and nothing else!


All that moving air carries dust and particles! They accumulate on the visible part of the vent as well as inside the ductwork. Regular cleaning contributes to clean interior air and minimizes reactions to dust and dust mites. 

Cleaning Behind Copy Machines and Printers

High-traffic printers and copiers generate lots of paper particles. These become airborne and settle throughout the room, especially behind the machines. They can get sucked into the machines and interfere with function, so clean regularly.

Picture Frames

Picture frames gather dust, along with fingerprints. Fingerprints are tricky: They may be invisible under certain conditions, and glaringly obvious when the light or the angle of view changes. 


Textured walls accumulate lots of dust, but smooth walls will also collect some. They also get splashed, splattered and dinged. It’s not uncommon to discover that walls you THOUGHT needed painting actually just need a good cleaning. This is one of the areas cleaning crews most commonly miss and it can reflect very poorly on your company’s image. 


These surfaces gather dust and drips like crazy. They often harbor dirt in the angles, even after cleaning with a rag. This is another area that, if neglected, over time can also create a very unprofessional image. The buildup can also cost your company money and it becomes harder and harder to remove due to the sticky build up.

Cleaning Office Chair Legs and Wheels

Especially during rainy and snowy seasons, we track dirt on the sides and the surfaces of our shoes, which rub off on chair legs and wheels. Wheels also gather hair and fibers as they roll. Too many hairs and the wheels stop working, so it pays to keep up.

Window Blinds

If not dusted regularly window blinds gather dust and grim that can cause a serious build up over time. If not regularly maintained, the blinds may end up requiring ultrasound cleaning, or worse yet, entire replacement. It pays to put them on a regular schedule.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures need regular cleaning to eliminate dust and dead bugs. 

Door Knobs

They’re usually used so much that they don’t get dusty, but they do harbor germs as well as crud from dirty hands. 

Switch Plates

It’s so easy to not notice a build-up of fingerprints on these, but they are high traffic and need regular sanitizing. Opt for cover plates without texture for easier cleaning. 

While most of these areas do not need cleaning on a regular basis, an experienced cleaning company can set up a scope of work to include them on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Confused about your options for hiring a commercial cleaning company?

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