4 Commercial Cleaning Trends On the Rise in 2022

Since COVID first made landfall in 2019, facility managers and business owners have adapted to a seemingly endless list of updated cleaning procedures, CDC vetted disinfectants, mask mandates, and more. 

Three years later, many of us are wondering: what comes next?

 Understanding how to protect your workforce and keep your facility safe is one of the biggest hurdles being faced by the corporate world right now. In order to keep employees healthy and morale high, the workplace has to be clean, sanitary and secure.

Here are four cleaning trends that have carried into 2022, and how your business can stay on the (COVID-free) cutting edge of it all.

1. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection is here to stay: Gone are the days when restaurants and event venues would be content to wipe down dirty surfaces with a rag and some hot, soapy water. 

 Between 2019 and 2020 alone, cleaning chemical manufacturing rose by 23%, while commercial and interior cleaning services spawned into a multi-billion dollar industry

Experts agree that the public’s awareness of bacteria and virus transmission will linger long after COVID is in the rear view, with many commercial cleaners and electrostatic sprayers reporting no slow in requests for service as 2022 rolls on. 


  1. Added emphasis on engaging all five senses when cleaning: In the wake of COVID-19, people across the globe are more conscientious of their physical environment. It’s no longer enough for a workplace to ‘be’ clean; in order to make a lasting impact on customers and staff, buildings have to look, smell, and feel clean. 

Once strictly performed after hours and out of sight, janitorial services and commercial cleaning are now things people hope to see performed in full view.

Beyond basic interior maintenance like tidy countertops, emptied trash cans and debris-free floors, customers and staff now look for an added layer of sensory ease if expected to make a commute to the office or sales floor. ‘Visual peace’, or a visual representation of cleanliness, serenity and order, is a high priority for millions after the disorder and disease introduced by COVID.

This added layer of service accountability can be a hassle for certain cleaning companies, as it requires commercial cleaners to pay close attention to details most often overlooked in expedited routine cleans. Important factors like chemical dwell time, CDC-approved chemicals and proper utilization of cleaning equipment are all factors a seasoned commercial cleaner should consider when servicing your facility. 


  1. Supply chain challenges continue into late 2022: Analysts predict the demand for microfiber cloths, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soaps and other cleaning supplies will continue through 2022, resulting in longer lead times and slower supply restocking.

 If you’ve been thinking about installing touchless paper towel dispensers or upgrading your automatic hand soap ports, give yourself plenty of time between order and delivery dates to transition to a new system. Regardless of how prominent your industry is or the size of your business, every facility manager is in the same boat: the supply chain is backed up, and most orders take weeks (or months) to fulfill.


  1. Increased competition when recruiting/hiring new employees: November 2021 saw an unprecedented rate of the American workforce quitting their jobs in protest of low wages, poor company benefits, and unsafe work conditions. 

Known as ‘The Great Resignation’, this sudden and unexpected quit rate forced employers across the country to reevaluate the rate of pay being offered to employees. HR departments worked to create more robust benefits packages, and competitive perks like unlimited PTO or mental health stipends were added to job descriptions in order to lure workers back to the office.

In 2022, employers need to set themselves apart when advertising job openings and employment opportunities — but what can you offer that’s different from other recruiters fishing in your talent pool? 

One great way to incentivize applicants is to openly share the level of commitment your business has to safe working conditions, along with any commercial cleaning services that promote health and wellness.

By clearly and compassionately outlining any plans to make and keep your facility safe, you can capture high-quality job candidates and retain top talent long after the effects of COVID have worn off.




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