When it comes to measuring a company’s success, numbers don’t lie!

And while success is certainly reflected in positive numbers and encouraging statistics, we also believe client satisfaction is the surest sign of a job well done.

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we’re proud to have more than 17 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry right here in the land of Hot Dish. During that time, we’ve serviced millions of square feet, managed hundreds of accounts, and created a standard of industry excellence that we are proud to call our own. 

Curious about the tactile difference a professional commercial cleaner could make for your facility? Here is a snapshot of Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, by the numbers (and how those numbers can benefit you!).


Say goodbye to year-long cleaning contracts

The difference between landing a cleaning client and maintaining a cleaning client is quality of service.

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we understand the pressure most facility managers are under to find and ‘lock in’ competitive cleaning rates. After all, who wouldn’t want a guaranteed low price over an extended period of time?

The problem is, many cleaning companies focus more on getting clients in the door with rock-bottom rates than doing what it takes to maintain active, equitable customer relationships.

Signing on for a long-term cleaning contract is a huge commitment and, unfortunately, leaves the door wide open for cleaning companies to dazzle clients for the first few months, only to steadily decline in service quality as the months (or years) wear on.

This lack of accountability is fueled by the fact that the client agreed to one flat rate at the onset of their contract, and will likely pay for the fixed rate not with dollars and cents, but with subpar service. 

At Vanguard, we work with you to determine what you need (or may not even KNOW you need) and have the flexibility to pivot and modify our service offerings as needs shift in an ever-changing world. Because of this, we’re proud to share that our account holders boast an average 29-month contract tenure, with NO long term contracts! 

This contract model helps your facility avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary add-ons and gives you the option of reevaluating your cleaning contract over smaller, more manageable periods of time.


Large enough to handle your commercial facility, small enough to make it personal

In an increasingly digital world, there’s something remarkable about engaging with real human beings if and when a need arises. 

As a large midsize commercial cleaning provider, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota sits in the sweet spot of being large enough to meet your extended cleaning needs while being small enough to provide highly individualized client attention. 

With an average of 4.6 stars out of 52 reviews on Google, Vanguard believes our satisfied customers speak for us regarding integrity of care and quality of service. 

Four core values that drive everything we do

While it might be tempting to sit back and settle on the knowledge of a signed client contract, part of Vanguard Cleaning Systems’ foundation is a desire to earn our customer’s trust, month after month. 

Six years ago when we engaged our team to outline our guiding values, we committed to being a company that serves and empowers our clients through honest, integrous business practices. This collaborative process valued the input of EVERY employee, regardless of title or seniority. 

Vanguard’s four core values are:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Empowerment

…and we strive to uphold these commitments, even when it’s hard!

Today, that commitment to excellence is reciprocated in our client’s dedication to our services. 

Since 2005, Vanguard has serviced over 3.2 million square feet of commercial real estate in the Twin Cities/Rochester area, and has held over 300 company cleaning accounts. 

 Interested in learning more about how a professional commercial cleaner could elevate your facility, save you time, and increase the value of your building?


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