When it comes to building the perfect cleaning package for your business, hiring an experienced commercial cleaning company is just the tip of the iceberg.

 In an ideal world, any cleaning company would understand exactly what services to provide to keep your building interiors dazzling for weeks at a time while boosting employee morale, and minimizing the spread of illnesses. 

 The truth is, the majority of commercial cleaners offer one-size-fits-all service packages that leave crucial maintenance needs unmet. And depending on your facility, an oversight could lead to ongoing performance and quality issues with time spent managing a service you’re paying for, sanitary concerns that impact employee absenteeism, and long term sustainability of infrastructure investments.

 If you aren’t getting a highly customized cleaning program tailored to your business’ unique needs, you are flushing time and money down the toilet. 

 Here are three key things to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company, and how to make sure your customized program is being right-sized to make every dollar count.

 1.Flexibility: When entering into business with a cleaning company, look for a team with flexibility. Depending on the square footage you need serviced, the frequency of cleaning, and the physical attributes of your facility, your contract should reflect a customization that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.

Don’t be afraid to get specific when outlining the level of service you require. Where are your high-traffic areas? Do you supplement commercial cleaning with an in-house weekly cleaner but have service gaps? A good cleaning company will listen to your specifications and help build a custom plan, in addition to recommending services to enhance the total value of the relationship. 

 2.Reliability is crucial when hiring a commercial cleaning company. You want to know you can trust your cleaning partner to deliver high-quality results, time after time. But beyond reliability, your commercial cleaning company should understand and respect the dynamics of your relationship, both in contract communication and while working onsite.

This is where the ‘crew personality match’ is paramount. At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, part of our right-sizing includes a detailed analysis of each business and their team to determine which of our cleaning crews would be the best fit. 

Does a company want to engage with the cleaning crew while on site, or would they prefer to have the crew remain anonymous? What level of cleaning experience is preferred, and with what industry?

Be candid about the level of engagement you desire, clearly communicate your on-site expectations, and don’t settle until you receive a dependable result. 

 No one wants to feel like ‘just another customer’ when dealing with a service provider. The best part about hiring a mid-level commercial cleaning company is receiving all the benefits of a professional service while still being treated as an individual.

What level of access does your cleaning company offer you? Do they perform an on-site walk-through to personally scope out your needs, or are they satisfied with a few digital photos and a brief overview taken over the phone? Does your cleaning company recommend services to optimize the quality of your cleaning and provide insight on how to accommodate your budget without cutting corners?

  1. Finally, expect price transparency. Many commercial cleaning companies will sign on new clients at an extremely discounted rate, only to significantly raise prices months down the line to make up for the discount. Look for a company with fixed pricing — someone who prices your account to keep it, rather than win it. 

 FOOTER: At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, no two cleaning packages are the same because no two businesses are the same. A one-size-fits-all package doesn’t allow for customization. With Vanguard, we help you to pick and choose exactly what you need (and what you don’t). 

 Learn more about our custom cleaning services at vanguardcleaningminn.com.

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