3 Reasons a Commercial Property Manager Needs a Commercial Cleaning Partner

While it might seem like your list of responsibilities has no end, a property manager’s number-one job is to protect and maintain a facility owner’s real estate investment. 

Property managers are in charge of dozens of aspects of facility maintenance, making commercial cleaners the modern day Robin to a property manager’s Batman. In essence, a good commercial cleaning ally will help lift some of the burdens of that responsibility by delivering exceptional, reliable service that allows the property manager to focus on more immediate tasks and projects.


Here are three great reasons a Commercial Property Manager should build a professional partnership with a commercial cleaning company:

1. Consistency of service

One major benefit to outsourcing your multi-property commercial cleaning is consistency, both in service results and in account management

When you outsource to a trusted professional commercial cleaning provider, every single member of the team assigned to your facilities follows an established standard of service, in addition to being fully briefed on each location’s ‘hotspot’ sites, maintenance history, and expectations.

This coordinated approach minimizes inconsistencies and allows PMs to take a deep breath, knowing that the facilities across their portfolio are all receiving the same standard of care.

While regulating services across facilities greatly minimizes the possibility for unexpected surprises, there’s always a chance that something require attention. With a single point of account management, you can experience the benefit of consistency in operational oversight firsthand.

That’s why Vanguard’s brand services management team and the franchisee make themselves available 24/7, handling service requests in a timely and professional manner.  This personal touch allows our team to remain in close contact with property managers in order to ensure consistency of service and address any needs or concerns with maximum efficiency. 

2. Proactive Tenant Relations Elevate the PM Experience

As a property manager, you understand proactive communication with your tenants is crucial. People want to feel like they’re being heard and valued, especially when it comes to situations that impact where they office and work. But you can’t be everywhere, every day.

Most of a PM’s work hours are spent navigating tenant relations, coordinating work orders, and managing lease agreements. On top of those ongoing tasks, they are in charge of managing operational budgets and running/creating reports for the property owners. 

Add in vendor management, scheduling, and ordering supplies for the facility, and you have a single individual who can’t possibly be expected to keep up with every tenant request or work order without sacrificing some degree of efficiency.

And while a cleaning contract is generally a spoke of the property manager’s wheel of responsibility, it’s a small part of a property manager’s overall job. Tenant complaints and janitorial service shortcomings become pain points and can escalate quickly. 

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you aren’t just hiring a skilled team to manage the quality and cleanliness of your property; you’re hiring an additional set of eyes and ears. Is a sink backed up? Is an outlet broken? Are exterior lights out? Your commercial cleaner can let you know that same day, buying you valuable time to schedule a repair long before a tenant submits a complaint or you make it out to the site to discover the malfunction yourself. 

3. Streamline your communication and get updates as you need them

Communication fatigue is real, especially in an age where property managers are expected to be available via email, phone, and even text message at a moment’s notice. 

That’s why a good commercial cleaner will allow you to customize the level of interaction you have with them, freeing you up to zero in on your most important tasks and receive updates at the capacity that best suits you.

Are you the type of person who wants to be CC’d in on all email chains? Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota can ensure you are included in all incoming and outgoing conversations so you never miss a beat. Do you want to be alerted only when your assistance is required? Vanguard will match you with a cleaning team that eliminates you as the middle man, handling all dynamics independently unless a situation calls for a different approach. 

Finally, establishing a clear line of communication helps you to confidently predict when and how key areas in your facility will be serviced. Because no two buildings are ever quite the same, Vanguard Cleaning Systems invests the time into understanding where and how to tackle places in your building that need a little more attention. 

Is your lobby more high-traffic in the winter months? Does your public bathroom need serviced more frequently during holidays and event weekends? Is the plumbing in the building a bit older, and needs a particular type of toilet paper in order to avoid backups? The team at Vanguard can provide insight and service flexibility for each situation. 



At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we understand your responsibilities as a property manager can get overwhelming. That’s why our cleaning teams are available to partner with you to deliver a consistent, communicative cleaning experience that positions you as the rock star of your facility.

Learn more about our custom cleaning services and get your FREE quote at vanguardcleaningminn.com.

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