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Like most people, you probably have too many things on your daily To Do list; worrying about your commercial cleaning company shouldn’t be one of them. 

Maybe you’re so used to managing your janitorial crew, you don’t know the real cost of a poorly performing cleaning company. Besides draining your time and energy, a low-quality janitorial service can cost thousands of dollars a year in lost business, lost productivity and waste.

A more efficient and effective contract cleaning service will reduce employee and customer complaints while also saving time and money.

Recognizing five signs of a low-quality commercial cleaning company can help you know when to make a change.

Poor Service

Poor or inconsistent service quality is often the first sign that it’s time to replace your cleaning company. While an occasionally missed task is understandable, continuous failures can lead to occupant health issues, poor public image, and a loss of business and productivity. 

Signs of Service Issues

  • One or more trash cans are routinely overlooked for emptying.
  • Restroom and break room supplies are not properly stocked or refilled.
  • Dirt and debris accumulate under desks, and on shelves and window sills.
  • Account manager fails to monitor the crew’s performance and correct issues.

Poor Communication

Poor communication with your cleaning company can result in constant complaints from your customers and employees, which translates into lost productivity and revenue. A slow response to an urgent situation can even disrupt your business operations.

Signs of Potential Communication Issues  

  • Your cleaning company hasn’t invested in essential business tools such as a website and associated email address, using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail instead.
  • Your business is not assigned a dedicated account manager who can respond quickly to an emergency or service issues.
  • Slow or no response to your repeated phone and messages.
  • Negative online reviews from former customers and employees.

Poorly Maintained Equipment 

Is the lowest commercial cleaning bid really the best value? Not if that price means the company uses outdated or poorly maintained janitorial equipment that lead to service and safety issues.

Signs of Potential Equipment Issues

  • Frayed or duct-taped electrical cords.
  • Water or cleaning solution leaking from equipment.
  • Floors still look dirty after cleaning.
  • Cleaning seems to take longer than it should.

Staffing Issues

Adequately screened and trained employees are more satisfied in their job resulting in cleaner buildings and happier customers. Conversely, a high turnover rate will affect service quality and consistency.

Signs of Staffing Issues

  • Frequent crew changes.
  • Missed service days.
  • Late service starts.
  • Inconsistent results.

Security Issues

You have literally handed the keys to your company over to a stranger. Your cleaning company’s staff typically have access to every corner of your building when no one else is around. Do they take your building’s security seriously?

High employee turnover rates can also lead to security issues. Verifying a potential cleaning company’s security protocols and hiring practices must be at the top of your list of concerns. 

Signs of Security Issues

  • Doors left propped open
  • Doors left unlocked
  • Alarms not properly set 

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If you recognize one or more of these signs, it might be time to hire a new cleaning company.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota can help you consider all your needs and options before you make a move. Download our free guide, “8 Steps to Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company”