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Commercial Cleaning for Leasing Commercial Property

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance Tips, Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning services tips and advice for property managers or prospective renters considering leasing commercial property.

Leasing commercial property can be a challenging venture, especially if you plan to employ staff in the rented space.While laws vary from state-to-state, generally, the landlord or property manager is responsible for:
  • Maintaining building compliance and codes.
  • Setting clear terms in the lease agreement.
  • Minimizing risk to occupants.
  • Providing maintenance and repairs, and;
  • Providing comprehensive insurance coverage on the property.
The tenant, especially one with employees, is responsible for:
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace temperature.
  • Cleaning the rented space and the removal of all refuse.
  • Providing clean and safe sanitation areas and restrooms, and;
  • Allowing for sufficient space and ventilation throughout the space.
To identify potential health or safety issues, the landlord and the prospective tenant must perform an initial walk-through, often referred to as a Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

As mentioned, the assessment typically begins with a walk-through of the office space you plan to lease.Depending on the size of the property and the number of employees you expect to occupy the building, you may need to bring along a checklist and notepad to draw out work and break areas. Doing so will aid in visualizing potential safety issues, such as floor runner or wire tripping hazards.Check for obvious hazards as well, such as poor lighting or unsanitary kitchens and restrooms that could be hiding mold and mildew.Run the HVAC system on hot and cold to assess the cleanliness of the air ducts and identify any potential performance issues.If the air ducts are filled with dust, you’ll notice a burning smell almost immediately when the heat is turned up; careful, it may set off the smoke detector.The ducts will need to be professionally cleaned and the vent filters replaced before moving into the space to avoid potential fire hazards.Consider who you anticipate working in your newly leased office.Do certain individuals have health issues, especially respiratory related problems that may require special accommodations, such as natural ventilation from open doors and windows, or will you need to make accommodations for employees with disabilities?Depending on the terms of the lease and the flexibility of the property manager, you may or may not be authorized to make those types of changes. If changes are to be made, you could be required to make a significant financial deposit to secure against potential damage, as well as the landlord’s need to return the space to its original state if and when you vacate.Once you have completed your assessment, you should create an action plan and discuss your needs with the property management. If this sounds daunting, consider retaining the services of a professional maintenance and commercial cleaning services provider to advise you through this process. It’s a worth-while investment that will save you money in the long run.

Green Commercial Cleaning Services Tips

It is the property manager’s responsibility to clean and prepare the prospective office space for presentation to potential renters.While additional conditions will vary depending on the previous state of disrepair, it is a safe bet that the landlord had the carpet replaced and the walls painted.Take a look around and note if the windows open to the outside.Test the HVAC system for at least 10-15 minutes and take further note of any chemical smells.Windows that don’t open, combined with new carpet and paint, as well as a heavy chemical smell implies that the space was not properly ventilated and the paint and carpet have gassed a significant volume of Volatile Organic Compounds into the ventilation system, which is now circulating the toxins through the air.If that is the case, and you have options, consider looking at another space.If your options are limited, and the landlord is unwilling to budge on additional maintenance to safely rid the area of toxins, make consulting with a green commercial cleaning provider a top priority on your action list.Green commercial cleaning services will address the VOCs in the carpet and air ducts with eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and high-efficiency vacuums and extractors.They also have equipment to properly ventilate the office space to prevent mold and mildew, as well as advise on facilities management needs specific to your business, such as establishing a green cleaning and maintenance schedule, and purchasing green cleaning and sanitation products.



Leasing your first office space is exciting, but the process is challenging, and diligence is necessary to ensure the rented offices are clean, safe, and healthy.Always perform a thorough walk-through of the prospective space before signing a lease or other agreements.Consider retaining the services of a professional maintenance and commercial cleaning services provider to advise you during the assessment, and assist you in forming an action plan.

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