Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Letting a commercial cleaning company take care of routine cleaning is often a good use of resources. Pay for a qualified, experienced team of cleaners to keep things ship-shape, so you can maximize your efforts supporting your core business. 

Here are some tips on finding and hiring the best company for your needs. It pays to put some energy into the screening and hiring process, in return for a payoff: A cleaning company that operates smoothly in the background, without needing your attention. 

Here are some steps to make your hiring process easy and successful.

Make a List of Tasks 

Make a list of the routine cleaning tasks you need performed, along with how often they need to be done. While your conversations with cleaning companies may inspire some changes, you need a starting point for comparison as you talk to multiple companies.

Ask for Referrals

Talk to fellow business owners in your area and find out who they contract their cleaning services to, and ask about their satisfaction with their vendors. Don’t forget to rely on your networking groups, trade associations and community organizations as you seek recommendations. 

Research Your Options

Do a search on recommended companies: Read online ratings and reviews, and take note of other companies that attract your attention as you search. 

Make a List of Companies

Make a list of three to six companies you’d like to talk to. Reach out by phone or email, and schedule a conversation with an owner or sales rep. Ask them for a bid based on the services you listed, and be sure to make any specific needs clear. Make sure you both understand what’s included in the price. Get price quotes to compare. Verify payment terms. 

Ask for References

As you screen potential providers, ask them for references. Make a short list of questions, contact the references, and have a conversation. 

Verify Insurance

Your cleaning company should be licensed, bonded and insured. Learn what your state requires, and request a COI (Certificate of Insurance).

Discuss Cleaning Supplies

Do you have preferences for green cleaning products, or other specific needs? Ask about the products they’ll be using, and whether they routinely change products. 

Screening, Experience and Training

Find out how employees are screened and hired. Are background checks performed? Are state and federal hiring laws strictly followed? Are work references checked? Ask about employee experience, retention and training. Specifically: How is staff trained, who trains them, and how often is their training refreshed?

Are They Certified?

Some certifications include Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVlS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant, and ClMS Green Building.

Timing and Scheduling

Do they have room in their schedule to take your business on as a client? Do they have any blackout times in their schedule? Can they come at a consistent time? How do they deal with emergency requests?


How do they measure and track their success on the job? How can you provide feedback, and how will they respond to it?


Since this is a new relationship, verify that they can be flexible if you realize that your needs change from the initial agreement. You may wish to negotiate for a month-to-month contract until both parties are satisfied that they are compatible. 

Account Manager

Meet and talk with the person who will be your account manager to make sure that it’s a good fit. 

Hiring a cleaning company is an investment in time, but it will pay off. While it’s tempting to choose the lowest cost vendor, they are not necessarily the best deal in the long run. Take the time for due diligence in the screening process, and you’ll improve the odds of finding a company you can rely on for the long run.

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