Winter is coming…and you don’t need to be a member of House Stark to know that the changing of seasons brings weather-specific inconveniences!


According to the CDC, things like slippery, slushy entryways, loose rock salt, wet matting, and flu season all cost employers a collective average of over $235 billion dollars annually.


Protect yourself and your facility this winter by prioritizing these four maintenance tips, each designed to prolong the life of your building, minimize costly accidents, and keep employees healthy in the workplace.


  1. Minimize sick days with high touch point disinfection: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one sick employee costs their employer an extra $1,685 annually. Multiply that amount by the number of employees you have, and you’ll quickly understand why keeping your team healthy should be priority number one!

As seasons change and temperatures drop, people naturally begin to spend more and more time indoors. Increased proximity and the likelihood of cross-contamination makes offices, boardrooms and break rooms a breeding ground for colds, COVID-19, and the flu–but they don’t have to be!

High touch-point disinfection received a lot of attention during the height of the coronavirus, and continues to be one of the best lines of defense against spreading harmful bacteria.

By keeping objects like door handles, light switches, keyboards, hand railings, elevator buttons and tabletops disinfected, you can dramatically reduce the number of sick days called in this winter. 

At Vanguard Cleaning of Minnesota, we offer flexible cleaning plans that allow you to customize the degree of high-touch point disinfecting performed at your facility. It’s just one more way we help you design the perfect cleaning package to meet your seasonal needs


  1. Prolong your flooring by sealing and deep cleaning

Think all floor cleaners are created equal? Think again! One of the many benefits to having a professional commercial cleaner is the decades of experience they bring to help you better maintain your facility. And when it comes to guarding your flooring against the rough winter weather, you need a partner who can help you determine the difference between ‘clean’ and ‘protected’. 

Most floor chemicals aren’t acid-based, meaning while they’ll improve the visual element of your facility, your flooring remains vulnerable to degradation. Especially during wintertime, neutralizing the calcium from rock salt is crucial. Look for chemicals with a lower pH to keep salt from penetrating your floor–and don’t forget to deep scrub. 

Lastly: if your flooring is tiled or sealed with grout, consider resealing it to prevent costly build-up or deterioration. 


  1. Prevent dangerous falls with high quality matting

According to OSHA, slips and falls make up around 20% of all workplace injuries. The impact of falling can mean hurt employees, increased worker’s compensation costs, lost productivity, and so much more.

Avoid the hassle and stress of falls this season by investing in quality floor matting. Unlike what is often available for rent, high-quality matting is thicker, more durable, easier to clean, and greatly reduces the likelihood of someone taking a spill due to lingering snow or slippery salt rocks.

Look for matting with sturdy ridging in order to capture debris and other outside elements, in addition to matting that is easily cleaned and brushed. Need help assessing your best choices? A member of the Vanguard team can help!

Our cleaning experts are well-versed in all kinds of floor protectors and can assist you in choosing the best covering to protect the investment that’s your facility. 


  1. Reduce corrosion by washing windows frequently

 While streak-free, sparkling windows are a great addition to any building, the cleanliness of windows is also an indicator of structural stability. 

 By washing exterior windows at least twice a year (spring and autumn), you can help prevent the harmful build-up of elements which, left untreated, have the potential to eat away at wood, paint, and metal siding.

Eliminate corrosion and elongate the life of your facility by bringing in a commercial cleaner to make your windows and trimmings shine. Pro tip: pay special attention to floor-to-ceiling windows, which have the added possibility of accumulating rock salt along the siding and base frame during the long winter months.



Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota wants to be your partner in preparing your facility for the long winter ahead! Get in touch today to discuss how we can customize a cleaning package especially for your unique needs. 


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