When it comes to maintaining good air quality, commercial cleaning is a key component in keeping an environment healthy and enjoyable.  

In addition to regularly replacing air filters and maintaining HVAC units, facility managers should be aware of indoor air contaminants and their impact on staff, guests, students, or customers.  

Here are three ways a commercial cleaning team can make a world of difference in improving indoor air quality. 

  1. Improves focus and productivity output 

The quality of interior air has a direct impact on the emotional and mental well-being of employees and has the potential to dramatically increase or decrease productivity. In a recent Harvard Business Review study of 1,601 employees, over half said poor air quality made them sleepier during the workday, and more than a third reported up to an hour in lost productivity as a result. 

In addition to boosting morale and being aesthetically pleasing, a clean and well-maintained workspace encourages employees to maintain focus and work more efficiently. Without the distractions of poor airflow, dusty surfaces, and cluttered spaces, workers can stay on task and accomplish projects with minimal interference. 

  1. Reduces employee illness and allergies 

Being able to count on your employees to come into work on a regular basis is crucial for maintaining a thriving, productive company. When indoor air quality is poor, it not only decreases the efficiency of employees on the clock; it decreases the likelihood that employees will show up to work in the first place.  

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the average American worker takes between ten and fourteen sick days each year. That number rises to eighteen for middle-aged and elderly workers.  

Poor air quality can be directly linked to asthma, cardiovascular illness, and upper respiratory infections – all of which require time away from work to facilitate recovery. Allergens from pollen, dust, smoke, or other chemical pollutants make their way into the air when a facility has lapsed on cleaning and routine maintenance. Actions like high dusting and regular vent cleaning dramatically cut down on the rate of airborne contaminants and remove bacteria, dirt, and built-up dust from vents, piping, and shelves.  

  1. Prevents rodent and insect activity 

No one wants to work in a facility that is dirty or disorganized, but far fewer want to work in an office where pests and rodents run rampant. One damaging side effect of a cluttered, poorly ventilated office environment is the presence of bugs, mice, spiders, and other unwanted critters. 

The average cost of pest control services can run you hundreds of dollars for an initial visit, and far more over a period of time. By staying on top of facility maintenance and routinely high dusting and decontaminating, you can prevent the occupation of pests in your building and secure your workspace as a fresh, inviting location for employees to produce great work. 

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