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School Cleaning Ideas

Schools are busy places, which is why school cleaning is so important! 

Between the staff and the students, class time and extracurricular activities, schools are high-population, high-traffic areas for as much as 12 hours a day, six or seven days a week. While it’s essential they get ongoing cleaning throughout the school year, many schools devote extra cleaning energy during spring break. 

When school is empty, it’s time to seize the opportunity and engage a professional cleaning team to do some deep cleaning. While in-house janitorial staff works on site throughout the school year, it really pays off to do a big cleaning push while the kids are away. Janitorial staff can do some projects during spring break, but the extra human power provided by a professional cleaning company will ensure the job gets done.

school cleaning

Floors and Carpets

Come spring break, there’s been about six months of the rainy/snowy season in most climates. Spring break is a great time to schedule a thorough carpet cleaning, with all furnishings moved aside for complete access. Strip and wax all floors – do this twice annually, to prolong the floor’s life. 

Classroom Surfaces

Kids seldom wash their hands enough throughout the day, so dirt and germs build up on all surfaces they contact. The cleaning team should clean and disinfect every available surface in classrooms, including shelves, doorknobs, light switches and other hardware. 

school cleaning


Deep clean the floors, walls, stalls, and fixtures.


The basketball season is over. Now is the time to get a high lift in and get the beams and high areas in the dusted. The rubber or wood floors may also need touching up or a complete resurface. Plan ahead as these procedures can take the entire week. 

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